Krav Maga Women Protect

Krav Maga Jakobstad together with Fitness Club arrange a free self defense course for women in October. It is a 6 time course with trainings on Tuesdays at 19:30 and Sundays at 10:00, starting on Tuesday 8 of October.

The course is held at Fitness Club, Mjölvägen 2, 68600 Jakobstad

During the course the participants learn techniques in self defense especially suited for women. These techniques have been modified to be able to defend against (mostly) bigger and stronger attackers, with the most common attack types against women in mind.

The course in itself is free and is arranged in co-operation with the charity organisation Krav Maga Women Protect. During the course we will sell t-shirts with their logo and the revenue goes in full to their charity work for women self-protection. More info here:

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